Tai Chi Student Feedback

Shaolin Kids
Grand Master Wu Wen Han

We write as two pensioners who have now attended Tai Chi classes for several years. Tai Chi is strictly one of the martial arts, but one which is readily accessible to, and in our experience of great benefit to the elderly. Together with its associated exercises the sport improves breathing, co-ordination, muscle strength, flexibility and balance, all of which become important as we age. It is sufficiently gentle for the elderly yet can be demanding enough for younger participants when striving for improved performance.
It exercises the mind and memory in progressing through the various stances and their sequence. We can wholeheartedly recommend Tai Chi to anyone, and believe some parts could even be of benefit to those who are wheelchair bound.

Having attended Tai Chi lessons now for approximately 5 years my back is definitely improved in that before Tai Chi I was unable to meet and chat with someone in the street without my back aching. I can now stand for much longer periods without any trouble.
Sometimes I have to ‘stir’ myself to attend, but afterwards I’m always glad I made the effort and feel better in mind as well as body for going there. The exercises are not to hard or demanding, but get the joints gently working.The downside on my part is remembering the form as it progresses, but working at it helps the memory to function. I am now 75 years old and look on my weekly lesson as an insurance for keeping me supple and keeping the body working. ‘If you don’t use it - you lose it’.

I strongly recommend Tai Chi for anyone, young or not so young. It has certainly helped me.
I have attended Tai Chi classes run by Kevin Meredith now for several years. I have always found him enthusiastic, knowledgeable, personable and an excellent teacher able to share his enthusiasm.
He quietly adjusts the exercises and ‘form’ to suit the abilities of the class members, and is always happy to spend time discussing individual problems. Under his tutelage the whole class has progressed steadily along the various exercises and form of Tai Chi and absorbed much of his enthusiasm for the sport.

Grand Master Wu Bin