Tuina Massage Prices

General/Sports Massage (1hr) - £40

Neck and Shoulders (1/2 hr) - £25

Reflexology (1/2hr) - £25

Head & Neck (Concentration booster 15 min) - £15

Foot rejuvenating (15min) - £15

Medical/General cupping treatment (1/2hr)  - £25

We are based in the Hale, Bowdon, Altrincham area of Greater Manchester
Call : 07800973293.

Buy five 1 hour treatments and receive a £25 discount (not for home visits).
Gift Vouchers - Treat a friend or loved one to a treatment. A very popular present.
Students & OAP's receive £5 saving on 1 hour treatments with relevant proof.

We also offer a home treatment service for those that cannot make it to clinic. This service has a extra £5 charge up to 15 miles from the clinic. This service gets booked very quickly. So book early to avoid disappointment. 1 hour minimum treatment.

ZhenZheng Kung Fu & Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan means supreme ultimate fist. It is an ancient Chinese health and self defence system that is still very relevant today. It is growing in popularity in the west as it gains recognition with most of the worlds health organizations for its fantastic health benefits. It can be practiced by the young and old for health or for self defence. Come and try one of our classes and soon you can feel its benefits like millions of others world wide.

Tai Chi & Kung Fu Classes
Hale, Bowdon, Alrincham & Greater Manchester

Wednesday - Beginners Tai Chi Chuan Class
6.30pm -7.30pm.
The Jubilee Centre, The Firs, Bowdon, Altrincham, Wa14 2TQ.
Course of 6 classes £40 or drop in price of £7.50.  

We will be having Tai Chi Chuan in the park classes at Halecroft park on Hale road on Monday evenings. These classes are weather permitting so contact us for more info on times etc. We cover the Yang form and pushing hands for self defence.

Classes available in Yorkshire

Thursday - Combat Kung Fu & Tai Chi - 6.30pm - 8.30pm - Kaizen Martial Arts Academy, Stannigley, Leeds. £5 - All levels welcome.

Last Friday of the Month - Combat Kung Fu & Tai Chi- 6.30pm - 8.30pm - Kaizen Martial Arts Academy, Stannigley, Leeds. £5 - All levels welcome.

Weekend Training days are also being run every 4-6 weeks. Check events for updates on those.

Check links at bottom of the page for websites for relevant classes.

All our teachers have many years experience and hold full insurance and relevant qualifications.

Charity Funded Treatments

If you find it hard to afford the cost of treatments or are over 60 years of age don't worry. We work closely with a charity that can help with the costs. Contact us at to see if you qualify. The charity will help cover up to 50% of the cost of a treatment offering a discounted group of 5 sessions. 
So contact us to discuss if you qualify and what treatments you will require. All treatments are tailored to your needs and offers primary treatment right through to full rehabilitation.

What is Tuina Medical Massage

Tuina is a modern form of treatment that has a history that spans back over thousands of years, but is a fast and effective modern form of deep tissue massage and body alignment.

Tuina is a very important component of Chinese Medicine alongside Accupuncture, herbal prescription and exercise (Tai Chi). It uses hands, forearms, elbows and knees to work the body. Also it uses stretching and manipulation, reflexology and cupping method. It encourages relaxation in the practitioner, emphasizing good posture through out the massage.

Today Tuina has become very advanced in its treatment for many diseases. Used in many of the hospitals in China today in the front line of healthcare, whereas in the west these complaints are not seen in our clinics until they become chronic many days after the incident. The principles have remained true to Traditional Chinese Medicine, which means the practitioner utilizes the meridians of the body and "Qi" in his and the patients body to regulate the body and keep it free of tension and disease.

Tuina can treat many injuries and diseases and is a direct and extremely effective form of treatment helping from injury to rehabilitation. Give it a go today by booking a treatment.

On Site Corporate/Group Well Being - Walk in Massage

 Did you know a massage can improve blood flow and concentration, stop the mid afternoon slump and improve general mood and well being. We see so many people every week in our clinic with stiff necks and shoulders that have headaches, poor concentration, tiredness during the day and all of them tell us how massage has helped with their work levels, general health and well being.
Think how tight muscles in the neck and shoulders reduce blood flow to the brain and so reduce the amount of oxygen flow. Think of a hose pipe with a blockage, there will be reduced pressure, remove the blockage and water flows unimpeded. Your body works the same way and if the blockage (knots and tension in the muscle) remains it will reduce your bodies effectiveness. 10-15 minutes of massage can solve this problem which is where we come in.........

Why not organise a Tuina massage therapist to come to your place of work. We are providing on site massage to business, groups or even party's in your home for amazing prices. Plus we give a huge 50% to a fantastic charity.
So why not book a session for your staff or colleagues at your place of work? Be kind to yourself and at the same time help others. Its a win win situation.

There are a few simple steps.

1. Contact us and we will email you a Treatment booking form.
2. Decide on the amount of staff/colleagues/friends having treatments and the date for us to visit.

3. Fill in the booking form as explained with names, times and date required.
4. Return the booking form to us and we will confirm everything with you asap.

Treatment options
£5 - Concentration Booster - 5mins
£10 - Neck & Shoulder Rejuvenation - 15mins

Contact us asap if you have any questions and for a booking form.

Tuina to the people

ZhenZheng Health are always out and about giving talks and seminars in Tuina massage. We massage runners at the London Marathon and work at many health events throughout the year. Contact us to see whats on in your area.
Our clinic in Manchester & Leeds runs courses in:
    TuinaQi Gong
    Tai Chi
    Flexibility for Health and Injury
      Many people have felt the benefits of tuina massage as a fast and effective treatment. That is what keeps them coming back.
        90% of our patients come from recommendations or from the positive response from the events we work at. If you are considering a treatment then don't waste a second more. Book a treatment and see for yourself how much better you can feel.

        Tai Chi Student Feedback

        Shaolin Kids
        Grand Master Wu Wen Han

        We write as two pensioners who have now attended Tai Chi classes for several years. Tai Chi is strictly one of the martial arts, but one which is readily accessible to, and in our experience of great benefit to the elderly. Together with its associated exercises the sport improves breathing, co-ordination, muscle strength, flexibility and balance, all of which become important as we age. It is sufficiently gentle for the elderly yet can be demanding enough for younger participants when striving for improved performance.
        It exercises the mind and memory in progressing through the various stances and their sequence. We can wholeheartedly recommend Tai Chi to anyone, and believe some parts could even be of benefit to those who are wheelchair bound.

        Having attended Tai Chi lessons now for approximately 5 years my back is definitely improved in that before Tai Chi I was unable to meet and chat with someone in the street without my back aching. I can now stand for much longer periods without any trouble.
        Sometimes I have to ‘stir’ myself to attend, but afterwards I’m always glad I made the effort and feel better in mind as well as body for going there. The exercises are not to hard or demanding, but get the joints gently working.The downside on my part is remembering the form as it progresses, but working at it helps the memory to function. I am now 75 years old and look on my weekly lesson as an insurance for keeping me supple and keeping the body working. ‘If you don’t use it - you lose it’.

        I strongly recommend Tai Chi for anyone, young or not so young. It has certainly helped me.
        I have attended Tai Chi classes run by Kevin Meredith now for several years. I have always found him enthusiastic, knowledgeable, personable and an excellent teacher able to share his enthusiasm.
        He quietly adjusts the exercises and ‘form’ to suit the abilities of the class members, and is always happy to spend time discussing individual problems. Under his tutelage the whole class has progressed steadily along the various exercises and form of Tai Chi and absorbed much of his enthusiasm for the sport.

        Grand Master Wu Bin