What is Tuina Medical Massage

Tuina is a modern form of treatment that has a history that spans back over thousands of years, but is a fast and effective modern form of deep tissue massage and body alignment.

Tuina is a very important component of Chinese Medicine alongside Accupuncture, herbal prescription and exercise (Tai Chi). It uses hands, forearms, elbows and knees to work the body. Also it uses stretching and manipulation, reflexology and cupping method. It encourages relaxation in the practitioner, emphasizing good posture through out the massage.

Today Tuina has become very advanced in its treatment for many diseases. Used in many of the hospitals in China today in the front line of healthcare, whereas in the west these complaints are not seen in our clinics until they become chronic many days after the incident. The principles have remained true to Traditional Chinese Medicine, which means the practitioner utilizes the meridians of the body and "Qi" in his and the patients body to regulate the body and keep it free of tension and disease.

Tuina can treat many injuries and diseases and is a direct and extremely effective form of treatment helping from injury to rehabilitation. Give it a go today by booking a treatment.