On Site Corporate/Group Well Being - Walk in Massage

 Did you know a massage can improve blood flow and concentration, stop the mid afternoon slump and improve general mood and well being. We see so many people every week in our clinic with stiff necks and shoulders that have headaches, poor concentration, tiredness during the day and all of them tell us how massage has helped with their work levels, general health and well being.
Think how tight muscles in the neck and shoulders reduce blood flow to the brain and so reduce the amount of oxygen flow. Think of a hose pipe with a blockage, there will be reduced pressure, remove the blockage and water flows unimpeded. Your body works the same way and if the blockage (knots and tension in the muscle) remains it will reduce your bodies effectiveness. 10-15 minutes of massage can solve this problem which is where we come in.........

Why not organise a Tuina massage therapist to come to your place of work. We are providing on site massage to business, groups or even party's in your home for amazing prices. Plus we give a huge 50% to a fantastic charity.
So why not book a session for your staff or colleagues at your place of work? Be kind to yourself and at the same time help others. Its a win win situation.

There are a few simple steps.

1. Contact us and we will email you a Treatment booking form.
2. Decide on the amount of staff/colleagues/friends having treatments and the date for us to visit.

3. Fill in the booking form as explained with names, times and date required.
4. Return the booking form to us and we will confirm everything with you asap.

Treatment options
£5 - Concentration Booster - 5mins
£10 - Neck & Shoulder Rejuvenation - 15mins

Contact us asap if you have any questions and for a booking form.